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Configure my email box on Thunderbird

The following tutorial is done on a MacBook with MacOS. The configuration on Windows is substantially the same.

To check your Ecomail emails, you can of course use the web interface available at but you can also configure your email on software such as Thunderbird.

To configure Ecomail on Thunderbird, follow these steps:

Launch Thunderbird.
Go to "Tools" then "Account Settings".
At the bottom of the page, click on "Account Actions" then "Add Mail Account".
Fill in the form with your information. In the example, the Ecomail email box used is "".
Click on "Continue". Thunderbird will try to find the configuration settings on its own, but it won't succeed. Click on "Manual config".
Correct the various fields to match information below, replacing "" with your own Ecomail address.

Incoming Server:
- IMAP Server:
- Incoming server username: your complete email box.
- Port: 993
- Security: SSL/TLS

Outgoing Server:
- SMTP Server:
- Outgoing server username: your complete email box.
- Port: 587
- Authentication: normal password

Click on "Re-test". Thunderbird will validate. Click on "Done".

Your Ecomail email box is now configured on Thunderbird. All that's left is to send and receive emails, not forgetting to delete unnecessary emails!

Updated on: 18/11/2023