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Create an automatic signature for your emails

If you wish to add a signature automatically to all the emails you send from the Ecomail interface, follow these steps:

Log in to your interface at
Go to your inbox (
Click on "Settings"
Click on "Identities"
Click on the only identity available
Enable the HTML editor
Fill in the "Signature" section at the bottom of the page. Take the opportunity to fill in the "Display Name" section, then Save

To ensure that your signature is displayed below each of your emails and above the quote of the email you are responding to:

Click on "Settings"
Click on "Preferences"
Click on "Composing Messages"
Ensure that "When replying" is set to: "start the new email above the quote"
Ensure that "Automatically add signature" is set to "Always"
Save your changes.

Your signature will now be displayed in all your sent emails.

Updated on: 18/11/2023